Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My new header

Well decided to change my header again. Tengah kerja keras mok carik header baru.Tapi kenak lah idea tok lom agik datang. This one sementara sahaja.
Nampak gaya kenak lah gua bertapa malam tok. Nei tauk ada idea kacak keluar.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Remember The Time ( Michael Jackson )..R.I.P....End of An Era

The world still mourns the death of King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson. The death of the King of Pop overshadows the death of Charlie’s Angel star, Farah Fawcett. This weekend, I have enjoyed the music video by the King himself as MTV & Channel V are paying tribute to Michael. It is true as they said, Michael has changed the way and the concept in the making of music video. I enjoy each of his music video.
My favorite album for sure is Thriller. My favorite song will be Remember the Time. I still remember for the first time I watched Beat It & Thriller, I was so excited. And the feeling for the first time saw his trademark move, The Moonwalk on Motown anniversary. I still remember it send the audience wild. His dance is very simple but the way he do it, make it so special.
Nothing much I can say about him. May his soul rest in peace. And if it true that he has converted to Islam, Inalillah Wainna Lillah Hirajiun and AL-Fatihah…

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wah aku dah tengok transformer sequel malam tadik, Revenge of the Fallen. Nang layan abis. Action packed and humor semua ada sekali dalam movie ya. Aku suka watak baru dalam cerita ya, lawak gila. Aku boleh madah 10 out of 10 ya cerita ya. Jalan cerita/plot nya memang ok gila. Tabik to Micheal Bay. Mikeala( Megan Fox) wahhhhhh so hot & sexy. Seriously, Megan Fox nang kacak, mata birunya & bibir nya cukup sexy.
Walaupun aku pegi tengok sorang2 malam tadik pun best juak. Bukan selalu aku jadi urang bujang kinek tok hahahaha. Aku perasan juak ada urang tengok aku and munkin bermain dalam palak sidak nya, “sikkan miak tok tgk wayang sorang , sikda gf kah ? sikda geng kah?”or aku yang perasan. Biasalah bila jalan sorang2 tok..macam2 main lam palak. Aku perasan dressing sidak ada pelik2 ckit mlm tadik, up to date lah, tapi setengah nya macam sik kenak ngan pemakainya. Macam one couple ya, girlfren nya macam kedak nangka kenak bungkus jak aku tengok. Terlebih gilak pesen gothic nya ya.Boifren nya makei cap yang lonjong semacam ajak dari atas. Dah jak muka nya bulat, nang out abis hahahaha. Senyum kedirik jak aku oleh nya.
Ya baruk first day kue survive time bini pegi cuti tok. Ada 6 ari agik to go. Anak aku dah demam dah. Sian tengoknya rindu ngan maknya. Tapi sikpa hal, next holiday kompom , the three of us akan cuti sama-sama. Bukan nya apa, before anak aku ada, kmk duak only . But kinek tok, we used to be a three piece band. Bila sorang sikda tang sik cukup korum jak. For this weekend aku dah plan mok cuci, baruk plan jak, molah lom tentu agik hahahaha. Tapi cuci baju sudah semestinya. Kelak sikda stok baju pakei next week.
Aduh heh….

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wahhhh best kinek tok eh. Anakku dah start nok berkelaka. Ngerenyam jak bunyi…nang berkeloyok sekali jak nya bercerita ngan aku pasal aktiviti nya di rumah masa aku kerja. Alu ilang kepak kerja bila melayan nya.
Nya dah dapat hafal dua tiga egek lagu, twinkle2 little star, Wheel on the bus, burung kakak tua, and fevered nya hapi bufdey. Ari2 lagu hepi bufdey. Lupak juak cgek, lagu teddy bear walaupun pitching nya ngan tune lagu ya lari gila, nang rindok ati melayan nya.
Walaupun bahasa rasmi blog aku tok English, tapi sekali sekala aku nulis juak dalam local dialek aku. Bukan nya aku mok eksen kah apa kah makei English, pakei aku pun prektis juak bah.
Masa aku minum pagi tek ngan geng, terkenang ngan olah kita masa agik kecik. Aku sik tauk kitak urang ingat sik lah, tapi ingat sik kadang2 mun barang makan kita tergugok dari tangan and kita ambik balit, kita mesti otomatik niup nya nak, tapi bila dah utak dewasa tok berpikir, nang lucu sebenarnya aksi ya, macam bersi pun barang makan ya di polah cam ya.
Kuching dah start berjerebu dah kinek tok. Harap2 sik seterok KL lah, masih ingat agik jerebu tahun 2003 dolok yang terok ya, terkenang jak. Nang sik best langsung time ya.
Aku cuma arap yang ari akan ujan sik lamak lagik. Sak ilang semua jerebu tok sekaligus mersih Bandar Kuching tok. Amin…………

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day, Transformer & Home Alone....

A week now I haven’t put up any latest update for my blog. Beside due to work constrain, my health is not in a tip top condition lately. I’ve been skipping my exercise for a week now.
Well I can’t wait for this coming Thursday, I’ve been waiting for the Transformer sequel to be air. My wife is not around since she will be in KL for a week, spending some quality time with her BFF. So I’m planning to ask my BFF to joint me to watch the movie this Thursday. So now I’m thinking which of my BFF will be free that night.
The last movie that I watched was Terminator Salvation which is a very worth money for. I love the way Christian Bale playing the role of John O’Connor. And I do believe that this wills the last of the Terminator sequel. But one movie that I really love for another last sequel is Die Hard. I’m a big fan of Bruce Willis. Being Officer John McClane, who’s always be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Even though they have used the same plot over and over, I still love this movie. Just like it motto Die hard or Live Free.
KFC new Fiery Chicken. I can say not bad at all. The first time I ate it Riverside KFC, totally not so hot but when I try it for the second time at Hopoh KFC, well definitely I have to drink a of of water. Luckily I didn’t it wasn’t raining that. It much better than the Thai menu last time they introduce. I like this one more.
Last, I would like to say Happy Father’s day to all the father, bapak, ayah, abah, yan, apai or whatever we call them.. I guess it still not to late..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hahahahaha….what a coincidence …I’m surfing the facebook then I saw this quiz what ethnic are you actually...So I decided to take that quiz…the result is you are actually a Latino …Well it is a double confirmation that I’m the missing link hahahahahaha…
I’m might be crazy but Alhamdulillah thing are going quite okay recently. I join the blood donor’s campaign last Saturday at Stampark Hall. Even though I couldn’t donate blood due to my high rise blood reading, I really enjoy myself while being there. I meet nice people. People with good heart actually. And today I received a phone call from the blood donors association asking why I couldn’t donate my blood that day. I thought they already put it up in the form or something.
My wife will be on a week long holiday next week. Meaning she will be gone in 7 days, wahhhhhh lamak juak ya duhal……surely I’m going to miss her. My baby Aleeya going to miss her. Well...It will be a daddy little girl weekend.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Having my lunch at the office today. We having a farewell lunch for one of our practical trainee which will end her training this week. The menu is great, Ayam Goreng Berempah which a very well blend chicken with all the spices, daging Masak Hitam where the meat is so tender. I ask the caterer whether they using pressure cooker or any meat tenderiser, so he giving me a tip on how to make the meat so tender, the secret is use "lengkuas" before cook the meat. watermelon skin as the vege, some Asam kerabu, Fruits ( banana, watermelon, honey dew ).
Well what else i can say...Burpppp....Alhamdulillah i'm full.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

After a week with such tremendous thinking machine, I finally put up a resolution. And a bit, it relief a burden from my head. I’m not that kind of person like to think the consequences for any of my action, but until recently, I’ve change. It is a good change actually. I’m looking for a second chance in life. I can say I’ve been wasted my younger year with nothing good as I want to.
I’ve registered myself for a blood donation campaign at BDC this coming Saturday in conjunction with World Blood Donors Day. Hopefully my condition allow me to donate my blood. My boss goes for house quarantine due to the swine flu, all the passenger from Melbourne by the Air Asia flight goes for house quarantine. One good thing about it, all their foods are delivered to their house. This is the only chances where you will be treated like a king even though I believe they will be a little bit boring since they can’t leave the house.
My wife been complaining some of her friend who registered for the facebook actually doesn’t have any intention to keep in touch. Instead they just want to be a “kaypochi” or a busy body. Their main intention is just want to know the update of others and gossiping to their other friend who doesn’t have any facebook account. Still people like this exist in this modern world.
This June a lot of good movie will be play. I’ve watched Terminator Salvation, damn it was a good movie. My adrenalin started to pump since the beginning of the movie. Action packed. Next one will be Transformer this coming 28th June. I really hope that it as good as the first movie.
My new passion now is cycling. I’m planning to take some picture from my daily cycling activities. I always saw a very good view since I’m started at dawn after subuh prayer. Even though I start from Matang alone but when I reach Pustaka Negeri area I will start to meet a lot of people either jogging or cycling. The next blog update I will share some of the picture here. See you then…

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There’s a moment in time
Still stuck in my mind
All this voices
Like a bullet to my brain
Can I stay strong, can i go on
Please let me be okay
All the black cloud of my past
Seem to never go away
I’m trying to get back
All that was taken away
But the act of betrayal and revenge from my sin
For me which will never end
Not the money that I want
It just time that I need

Monday, June 8, 2009

Arghhh….I don’t know what happened but I do feel that that I’m not in the mood to do anything. I’m losing something that I do not know what? I’m restless inside me. Something really bugging me and I don’t know what it is…
I can feel it inside me, waiting for the perfect time to explode or to burse out…I don’t know what it is or what it was….I cant sense that I’m not being myself lately aduhhhhhhhhhhh……………a lot of thing in my minds…….

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I guess it is not too late to say Happy Gawai to all those who celebrates it. Even though I just started to work today but I can feel that most of us is still in the festive mood. I didn’t do any visiting this year around. Just not in the mood.

It just that I’ve been doing some thinking lately. I still remember in my younger year, any problem or thing to ask, I got nowhere to go. Almost for everything, I need to solve and look for the solution by myself. I’m glad because in other way, it helps me to be more matured. Sometimes, it just not fair for myself as I’m not really enjoying my teens year. It really make me realize, how much I don’t want my daughter to face the same thing as me, I don’t want any of my nephews to take the same journey that I did.
It is not that I want to pampered my daughter or my nephews, it just that I want to make sure that every time they have any problem ( as long as it doesn’t have any things to do with the law), I just want to let them know that they have someone to talk too.
As for myself, I’m glad that I have my wife to talk too. Now I become more open with her. I believe what I’ve been thru all this years, it make me as a person who like to keep it to myself. I don’t trust or I can say I don’t dare to talk to anybody. Since myself reconciliation, I’m able to change my attitude slowly. I realize you can’t stand alone in this life. Everybody needs somebody they trust who will be able to understand them.

I also can see that how our religion plays an important role in our life. Now I’m trying my best to be a good Muslim and glad that how I found more peace in my life. God never forget us but we are the one who always forget about Him.
I’m glad that now I see life in other way as well and glad that I still can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Alhamdulillah…I’m glad that I’m not too late.

Perjalananku ke Pulau Pinang

Assalamualaikum… salam sejahtera. Apa khabar semua? Semalam baru jer keputusan SPM keluar, tahniah kepada yang dapat keputusan cemerlang, ya...