Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cerita dari seorang kawan...

BFF aka best friend forever..??? Does it exist?? For me, I do believe and since my best friend past away about 17 years ago, I found it very difficult to find a new one. I’m trying my best to be a good friend to my circle of friends. For me, they are my family.
But there is a story, about a friend, who has been there whenever his good buddy need him, and his has never being judgmental about his good friend, even though a lot of people are looking their relationship as more than just a good friend. By the way, his good buddy is a girl. He always support her in every things that she do, giving good advice if he finds that his buddy cross the line. He knows that his buddy have a few problems. He can even sense whenever she has any problem. It seems that there is an invisible link between him and her. Unfortunately, it is not a two way traffic friendship. It always about her. She never knew that his best friend are in some sort of trouble but since he understand so much about her problem, he don’t even dare to burden her anymore. Now, seems that she have a lot of new friends and start to neglect him. I pity him. She only buzzes him only when she has some problem and don’t have anybody else to talk too. She hurt his feeling, but she’s too na├»ve to realize that. But being a good friend, he tries to put it aside and in the same time he’s trying to let her realize what happening. But the glory having new friends that she thinks cooler make her neglect the one that has been there for her.
My only advice to him, just take it easy. She will realize what she’s loss once his not able to be around her anymore, to be her shoulder to cry on, to pull her back when she cross that certain line. I told him people will only realize what they missed when it’s gone. So just be there while he can. Let time be the judge.
Moralnya dari kisah yang aku dengar tok, kawan nya ya terlalu mencari kawan2 yang baru tanpa menyedari yang selalu berada ngan nya , yang selalu ada bila nya perlu somebody is her good friend. Malang aku rasa bagi kawan perempuan nya, coz sik sedar yang nya akan kehilangan seorang yang benar care for her as friend.
Kawan2, sekiranya aku ada tersalah kata dalam kita berguro senda, sorilah yek. I mean you all no harm, I guess you all know how much I love to joke around, coz I’m the joker.....

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