Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My morning at Ipoh Kopitiam at TJ..and i'm still hungry...

This has been a very bad morning for me. Hopefully it will not continue up to the afternoon. I decided to go for breakfast with my wife, planning to go to Mi Cendawan Lee behind Parkson Riverside but unfortunately it still close. So we decided to go to Ipoh Town Kopitiam, which just newly open at Tun Jugah. Am I so hungry as I’m not taking my dinner last nite, as if I can eat an elephant. So, we fully motivated to fill my empty stomach, I landed my butt on the chair at this kopitiam and made our order. It was a quick one for my wife as she having half boiled egg with kaya & butter toast bread. As for myself, I ordered Nasi Lemak Special which I’m sure can fill up my empty tank to the fullest. The nightmare begins. I kept on waiting for my nasik lemak for half an hour, I guess it was so special that they might take so much time to prepare it. The workers seem don’t want to know why I keep on looking at the counter, not even bother to ask.
That’s it. My time is out. I just go to the counter, want my money to be refund. Here comes the interesting part, the supervisor immediately ask the kitchen staff if the food is ready, and the entire counter staff seems to be blaming each other. When I ask for the business card, suddenly the supervisor slams her file to the floor. What the fuck is that? There I really lost my temper. So, acara bertikam lidah started. Why does she have to be that rude? Then I ask for the business card as I want to make a complain to the manager, she really cross the border. She gave me the coupon which I do not know what is it for without any phone number. Then one of their male staff, which I don’t know where he’s from, come to the counter and ask me if I was a customer? Again...what the fuck is that? I was saying right in front of the counter all the time. I guess there is no use I’m waiting there anymore, so I just get my money back, get the phone number of the supervisor and then go.
I’m leaving the place, still with my empty tank and full with bad experience. Well, what I’ve learnt from there, don’t expect too much on the presentation , the surrounding and a good look kopitiam as it might as well will serve you a nightmare rather than a satisfaction.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

As i was saying...

Leaning back while staring at my notebook screen, with my headphone at my ear, the song Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit are now playing. Hearing the lyrics of this song, make me stop from doing my work for a while. I rub my neck that starting to feel a bit tired, stress I guess. I sip my coffee and started to close my eyes, try to feel the lyrics of this song. Deep in my heart, it is true that sometime, people only judge us from outside. They will never know what we feel deep inside. It brings me back to memory lane, for the last few years, I manage to control my anger, usually I’m a bit blunt, simply said what I want to say. But not now, not today. I do believe I’ve change a lot, not a complete change but I know that I’m going for the right way.
Just can’t understand why some people just don’t get it. Some people, once a person being bad, once a person make a mistake, they will assume that is how the person are going to be for the rest of their lives. Come on, with Allah willing, people change. May be that person are trying hard enough not be what he has become before, but people around him just keep reminding him, that he will never change, not at all. Just keep on remind him on his past sin, past mistake. Why are there so many people out there with such a negative attitude?
Frustrated..? May be…but will never give up. Let just people see me, look at me as I am today but they will never knew what lies deep inside me...As the song said –Behind Blue eyes…..( layan emosi sekali sekala )

No one knows what it's like
To be the bad man
To be the sad man
Behind blue eyes
And no one knows
What it's like to be hated
To be fated to telling only lies
But my dreams they aren't as empty
As my conscious seems to be
I have hours, only lonely
My love is vengeance
That's never free
No one knows what it’s like
To feel these feelings
Like I do, and I blame you!
No one bites back as hard
On their anger
None of my pain and woe
Can show through
No one knows what it’s like
To be mistreated, to be defeated
Behind blue eyes
No one knows how to say
That they're sorry and don't worry
I'm not telling lies
No one knows what it’s like
To be the bad man, to be the sad man
Behind blue eyes.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SWOXUB40....the secret society of Seksyen 2..

While I’m surfing the face book, looking at all my friends list, seeing those who were with me in UITM, suddenly I just remember, we did form a group for ourselves. A very special group as who ever want to joint it, only by invitation, more or less like a secret society. SWOX UB40..that's the name. Only certain people know what does it means. Bentayan as the pioneer and what I can say is, he’s our penghulu. The member consist of myself, Hisham, Usop, Jason, Trisno, Tarmiza, Rajee and few names that I’m not sure whether he was a member or not. We even have our own logo.
The group main motto...damn totally I do not know. But what I know we do have a lot of fun, doing activities together, disco dancing, and hanging around at seksyen 27@Ravi. After all bellies are full, we headed for the arcade centre playing games until 3 in the morning. What a group…
All of the group member nowadays, I can say succeed in pursuing their careers. All have a good job even though, which I can admit we are way too much having fun in the yesteryear....

Long live SWOX…**long live all SWOX members...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Aleeya turns 3..my pride & joy

My daughter turns 3 years old today. So, when she woke up this morning, my wife & I sing her a birthday song. She really loves that song, in fact it was the first song that she remembers. The funny things, she gave me a birthday present, she poopies right away.
Since her present into my life, she brings me more joy and more reason to value my life. I promise myself to be a better person, a person that she can look up for. My only wish for is to be a better person, a person that will respect her parents, a person that understand qada & qadar, that God has choose the best for his servant. As so far, she can recite Al-Fatihah, she remembers few zikirs and every time she do that, it really touch my heart and make me want to cry. I would never ask for more from Allah as she’s my jewel & the best ever thing that ever happen in my life.
May be one day, when she can read, and can read what I’ve wrote in here, she will know how much I love her.
Happy Birthday Nur Aleeya Najwa…daddy love you.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Annual SAINS Dinner just passed by. 1970’s theme’s which end up quite okay. The crowds were great except for the food which make me kind a bit disappointed. Banyak jugak ya ikut tema compare to the last dinner, but still ada lah a few ya makei dress up koboi?? What was that for ??? yang aku kesian every few minutes, terpaksa bangun meriksa kuda sidak kenak tambat diluar hotel ya hahahahaha…
Aku??? Biasa jak, using v’neck T’s, ingat kan nok jadi sex pistols pun fan tapi sik dapat. Yang paling happening should be Haji Ismadi, a truly 70’s guy sampei kenak gelar mat Travolta, Richard with the Woodstock pun style, Bart with the disco dancing pun style, siap ngan baju shining2 nya, sik kurang juak ngan Zamena ngan style katun Scooby Doo ya, aku sik ingat apa nama karekternya. Ada yang terlalu moden, but most of them just try to adapt to the themes. Have a lot of funs, yang best nya melayan kawan aku yang dah mabok ya hahahaha….damn funny. Again, makanan sekali agik amat mengecewakan aku, not just me commenting on the bad food, also few more others.
Paling aku rasa best masa speech CEO, aku rasa nobody was really paying any attention, tiba2 jak aku clap, suddenly nya macam chain reaction, semua orang tepok tangan yang mana aku rasa ada yang sik tauk apa tujuan sidak nya tepok tangan. Aku nga nEric nang ketawa besar. Now just waiting for the picture to be uploaded into the server.
Apa2 pun it was one fun night…terpikir juak aku, apa ndak tema for the year end dinner gik kah???

Friday, January 8, 2010

Seminggu dah di tahun baru. A new year with a bang?? Don’t think so. As usual jak aku rasa. Lately aku dah jadi kaki download, menyibuk kan diri mendownload lagu2 from the 90’s, tahun aku membesar. From 90’s up till to 99, a decade of my life yang menbuatkan aku jadi apa yang aku jadi kinek tok. Lagu2 yang penuh ngan memori dalam proses tumbesaran ( rasa macam tumbuhan pulak aku tok ). A decade of greatness in my up & down of life.
In the early decade, I’m more into rap music. So name such as Tone Loc, Bel Div Devoe, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Joe Public are among that I’m listening too. Then datang era alternative in the year 1993 or 94 ( somewhere around that time ) into my life. Jiwa membesar dengan penuh rasa memberontak ( memberontak pun aku, masih agik aku hormat ngan orang tua aku, kelak sik cium syurga lak bro ). Muzik alternative tok memang sesuai menar ngan jiwa kue. Aku masih teringat ngan satu rancangan alternative show oleh TV3. Memang rancangan ya nang di tunggu2. Maklum jak lah time ya mana ada you tube, MTV gik kat rumah. Dari rancangan ya lah follow band2 macam Nirvana, STP, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Blind Melon, Green Day and may more. Band macam Anthrax, Ugly Kid Joe, ya di introduce oleh kue punya kazen.
Aku masih agik jadi music follower yang setia. Some music dalam dekad tok, aku dapat terima, but ada langsung yang sik dapat masuk & memuaskan halwa telinga aku.
Masa tok aku tengah nak memfully utilize internet. Belajar molah t-shirt secara on line thru you tube. My life is getting shorter, since I was a kid , I always mauk belajar molah t-shirt a proper way. Wife aku heran coz kenak dolok sik mok belajar , baruk kinek tok. Ada kebenaran kata2 bini kue itu, aku kuat gilak enjoy masa muda dolok, during my golden era hahahaha…hampeh….
Time aku tengah naip tok, GnR pun lagu, patience tengah berkumandang rah PC aku…pehhhhhhh nostalgia nar eh. Lagu yang menyebabkan aku ingin belajar main gitar, walaupun few kod ajak, a kick start untuk aku.
Permulaan tahun 2010, aku akan menampung kerja di opis yang amat banyak, The one yang aku report to kat JKM tok, dah bersalin dah, cuti untuk 2 bulan. Lone Ranger agik lah aku tok…sikpa aku yakin aku boleh punyer…Mind over body. Aku harap jak, aku dapat memotivasi diri sendiri, nothing is impossible and can’t be done if you put your mind in it..betol skipping orang putih aku tok kah hahahahaha…
Kinek tok aku tengah membina imej baru aku, skinhead & berjambang( beremos kata urang Sarawak), dlm proses. Mun dah jadi kelak, for sure aku akan ambik gambar and jadi profile picture baru aku di blog ini & FB…

Monday, January 4, 2010

Malam New Year aku...

Well it’s 2010 already. I’m spending my New Year celebration watching movie at MBO, Sherlock Holmes. Even for the New Year countdown I was at the Karaoke box at the top floor of the MBO with people that totally a stranger to me….a beauty of Sarawakian, konsep 1 Malaysia. Bini aku masa ya on the road, pegi antar somebody pulang rumah, ya lah aku terkial2 nyambut new year sorang dirik di sia. Nasib bait ada countdown kat atas ya. Macam biasa, new year di Kuching, akan penuh dengan road block, as if dah jadi macam adat sidak traffic & JPJ also Rela nyambut new year cam ya. Apa la….
Malam ya aku outing sampei pukol 3 pagi, pertama kali aku berjaga sampei time ya since aku ada anak. Lebih kurang 3 tahun dah. Pelik jak aku rasa, coz time ya aku biasanya dah jauh belayar sampei ke Buntal. After the countdown, aku lepak jak kat MBO waiting for my wife, lalek jak aku merati urang sekeliling. Paling aku notice, singkat nya baju sidak perempuan ya. MBO ya sejok macam dalam freezer, tapi baju rempuan ya memang singkat..mauk mintak separ barangkali….blur aku.
Anyway, happy new year to all. Adios….

Perjalananku ke Pulau Pinang

Assalamualaikum… salam sejahtera. Apa khabar semua? Semalam baru jer keputusan SPM keluar, tahniah kepada yang dapat keputusan cemerlang, ya...