Wednesday, June 10, 2009

After a week with such tremendous thinking machine, I finally put up a resolution. And a bit, it relief a burden from my head. I’m not that kind of person like to think the consequences for any of my action, but until recently, I’ve change. It is a good change actually. I’m looking for a second chance in life. I can say I’ve been wasted my younger year with nothing good as I want to.
I’ve registered myself for a blood donation campaign at BDC this coming Saturday in conjunction with World Blood Donors Day. Hopefully my condition allow me to donate my blood. My boss goes for house quarantine due to the swine flu, all the passenger from Melbourne by the Air Asia flight goes for house quarantine. One good thing about it, all their foods are delivered to their house. This is the only chances where you will be treated like a king even though I believe they will be a little bit boring since they can’t leave the house.
My wife been complaining some of her friend who registered for the facebook actually doesn’t have any intention to keep in touch. Instead they just want to be a “kaypochi” or a busy body. Their main intention is just want to know the update of others and gossiping to their other friend who doesn’t have any facebook account. Still people like this exist in this modern world.
This June a lot of good movie will be play. I’ve watched Terminator Salvation, damn it was a good movie. My adrenalin started to pump since the beginning of the movie. Action packed. Next one will be Transformer this coming 28th June. I really hope that it as good as the first movie.
My new passion now is cycling. I’m planning to take some picture from my daily cycling activities. I always saw a very good view since I’m started at dawn after subuh prayer. Even though I start from Matang alone but when I reach Pustaka Negeri area I will start to meet a lot of people either jogging or cycling. The next blog update I will share some of the picture here. See you then…

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