Monday, March 16, 2009

Simunjan trip

Finally I decided to go to Simunjan together with my in laws and family. Besides, I never have been to Simunjan before, so I was kind of eager to go. We departed at 7.30 am and the journey will take at least 2 and half hours before reaching Simunjan. For this trip, I will only be a passenger because my wife and sister in law decided they drove all the way. For the first hour of the journey I fell asleep with my daughter. I pity her because she had to wake up early. So when we reach Serian, I noticed there have been a lot of changes by the road side. A lot of development, new building and new houses. I used to drive from Kuching to Sri Aman back and forth. The view totally has changes.
So we reach Simunjan junction at 9.30 something and we still have another 55km to go. The road to Simunjan just like riding a roller costar. The bumpy rides really make me and Aleeya feeling dizzy and cost Aleeya to throw up. Kesian Aleeya…and kesian saya kena muntah. Well I’m not really interested to tell about the wedding ceremony but more likely to talk about Simunjan. I can say that Simunjan town is a very clean town. There not much of the activities at the town centre. We stop by at the one and only hotel in Simunjan, air conditioned hotel which only cost about RM55 per night. My wife uncle and his family together with my father-in-law stay there as they reach Simunjan a day earlier.

And one shop that really caught my attention, SALMAN KHAN Textile and carpet shop. Well I never thought that I’m going to meet Salman Khan in Simunjan hahahaha. The shop was owned by a Bangladesh who resides permanently in Simunjan. Quite a catchy name for a shop. I’m a bit frustrated with SImunjan as it was not as I’m expected. The weather is very hot which may be because of it location near the sea. Talk to one of the Kuching resident whose working there. According to her, the youth in Simunjan is very social, she often met them drinking beer openly near the Muslim cemetery and playing cards. Well it really surprises me. I was expecting that I can look for crab at the wet market but it really disappointed me as I need to go Sebuyau if I want to get some crab.Aku suka ketam..ketam makanan kegemaranku but this is the first part of my journey..more to come

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