Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sweet Memories.....

Rajak Lalat’s mother passed away last night. I was informed by my elder brother early in the morning. I decided to pay a visit as Rajak and I was a childhood friends. Our house is not far from each others. This gives me the opportunity to meet my childhood friends which I have not met for a very long time. Yet Angin, Hussein Belon, Aron Ondong, Man Cikuk, Pezal Otot, Piyet Angin, Buck, Yahya Sulong, Talib and Man Param just to name a few. Remembering these guys name make me smile because everybody have their own nickname. I can’t remember how each of us got their nick name. A lot to talk about, catching the latest news on everybody. Laughter all around the place. Old memories, happy memories of our childhood make us laughing out loud even Rajak can’t hold his laughter though it supposed to be a very sad moment for him. Unfortunately Jul, Peli, Abu, Ajis, Jep are not around for this small time reunion.
Each of us knows only this sort of time that we have the opportunity to see each other’s and some of us already move out from the Kampong itself. Seeing the next generation grew up make us realize how we have become older now. As mention Pezal Otot to me;” Adi, masa kita dah abis dah, kita dah semakin tua, semua sidak baru baru gik kinek tok di kampong”. I used to remember the kite season, fruit season, and gelang getah season and if after Raya, each of us will have a full stock of bottle cap as our game of Tongko. I’m not really sure whether kids nowadays knew this kind of game. The most I will remember is when it was the fruit season. I will be spending some time in the jungle climbing mangos teen trees, cempedak and others. We don’t even know what is internet, video games at this time. We just feel happy to be outside after school with friends. Then at 6 in the afternoon we go home, took our bath and then rushing to the mosque and playing along the road side while waiting for Isya.
Well, those were the days. I really treasure it as it was the most wonderful time of my childhood. If I can turn back time, maybe for once I just want to be kid again….


The Fleece Master said...

patut u ambik gambar sidak and post dlm entry di. Miss 'em all and the good ol' days of our nemiak blkg suro dibah bukit. I masih ingat dibah rmh rajak lalat [before renovation] ada tanggak terselit dibah lantei. We used to begayut from the tanggak end to end haha

-Jul Badak- WTF??

Uncle Seven said...

Ada ambik gambar sidak tapi sik clear, malam tok ambik agik gamabr sidak, malam ya ujan ya sik terang gilak..kelak uplod gambar Ondong hahaha


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