Friday, March 13, 2009

My quest for the best mi kari in town never stops. After a while, I decided to makan mi kari this morning at koperkasa coffee shop. And wow, the taste of the mi kari today is wonderful, perfect…Layan beb.It topple the SCR mi kari to the second place. It has become my favorite mi kari. I really hope they can maintain the taste. I was informed that CafĂ© 75 also have the best taste of mi kari. I did try the Sitom Corner mi kari but not that good, it can even enter the list of my favorite mi kari.
Tomorrow, my schoolmate, Azrina Aziz will come to Kuching. It has been 16 years I haven’t met her. So I decide to arrange another small reunion for this occasion. So far my other classmates who reside in Kuching don’t have any problem with the small gathering. It just needs to confirm on which date we should meet. I’m glad that I can arrange this sort of gathering, it just the way that we can keep in touch since a lot of us have their own career and family now. This will be our second reunion in 3 months. I really can’t wait for this gathering.
I’m still undecided whether I want to go to Simunjan this weekend. There will a wedding ceremony need to be attended there. My wife relative. It’s nothing actually, but nowadays I just can’t stand to drive for a long journey. Not like last time as I use to drive from Kuching to Sri Aman. My back a bit killing me. Guess I need to make a very quick decision.
May be I will be home alone again this weekend who knows….


farah.loren said...

omg. mi kari .. mi jawa my fav. ingin eh. mun mi kari engkah kicap dikit nyaman aihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yoh caer aek lio!

Uncle Seven said...

menar2..tambah kicap ckit nang mashok ooooo


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