Monday, March 30, 2009

Penat tapi seronok hehehe

It was such a relief the EG promotion end yesterday. It was a successful event as we manage to get the public knows on the online services that was offer by the Sarawak Government. The crowd was good. We get a very good feedback from the public on how to improve some of the services. Well that is the whole idea, we appreciate the comments. As every visitor to our booth, they went off with a smile as we are giving away some souvenirs. It a little bit tiring after the event, event now at the office I’m still feeling sleepy. Feels like want to take a leave but there nobody in the office right now. Well I guess I have to postpone it. Maybe tomorrow or the next day.
The next stop is Bintulu. I really hope that I can go because it fun to go travelling. New places and meet new people. I can consider myself a chatter box. I love to talk because I feel I have a lot to talk about. But for now I’m seriously need a rest. Feel like want to lay down for a while. Most of my colleague s now attending the function at the Four Point hotel. Some welcoming speech by Datuk Najib Tun Razak, our next PM.
And yesterday also I can say it was my lucky day. On my way to Spring, I decided to drop by at the shop in front of the central police station to buy some reload. So as I was surveying the phone, Nokia E63 to be exact, a young boy suddenly approached me asking me whether I’m interested into buying that a bit hi-tech phone, I said yes. He suddenly shows the Nokia E71 and saying he selling it at the price of RM600 because he is need of money. Without second thought say yes to him. The offer was to go good to say no. The brand new set cost around RM1600, and his offering is very interesting. He gave me a full set of accessories and I gave him the cash. Beside I help the boy who is seem to be in trouble. I also get my dream phone.Haahahaha…rezeki datang bergolek….

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This is how my table looks like since last week. It really has been a busy week for me with a lot of action. At least I’m happy that I’m really occupied. I’m so eager to settle this job once and for all for this month EG promotion. It really tests my credibility. The next stop for this EG promotion will be Sibu and Bintulu. I’m aiming for Bintulu because at least it will give me the opportunity to meet my nephew in Bintulu. I haven’t meet Wafa & Ain for sometimes now. And if I was given the task to handle the one in Sibu, I really hope that it will be done at the end of April as my wife will also be travelling to Sibu. Well I just cross my finger on that.
For yesterday event, I’m really glad that it went smoothly. Everything going as plan, the presentation, the system demo. A pat on the back to everybody that involve in the briefing. I really appreciate their cooperation.
Tomorrow will be Azri last day in the department. I wish him all the best for his new job at JKR. The farewell lunch which going to be held on Friday, I’m not really sure whether I can joint it or not. As I and the rest of the team will be going to Spring for the booth setup.
Guess nothing much to write now. Still trying to get ready all the necessary item to bring to Spring and making sure that I didn’t miss any.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Rock beat Goku...

I was really disappointed when I watch the Dragon ball movie. They have changed the story line from the start to the end. The fight between Goku and Pikor suppose to be most awaited scene but it was such a disappointing act. If any of Dragon ball follower out there will know what I’m saying. Justin Chatwin got the look of Goku but he doesn’t have the feel and character of Goku. It really disappointed me as I have been waiting for this movie in such enthusiasm. But I really like Emmy Rosum playing the character of Bulma as she managed to bring Bulma alive. Chow Yuen Fatt sorry, but I respect you for trying hard enough to play Master Roshi. Yamu character was also a disappointment.
But for the movie, Race to the Witch Mountain, I gave it a perfect 10 score. It really a classic and original movie from Walt Disney. Action, adventure, comedy and such at are well blend in the movie. It has been quite a long time I haven’t watch a movie like this. A salute to Dwayne Johnson aka The rock as he manage bring the humor, action hero into his character.
Well the next movie will be The Terminator and the Fast & Furious 4…adios..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bengangnya aku.......

Ahh malasnya aku….bila ku kenang-kenang, kawan2 aku tok munkin ada masalah sikit dalam molah appointment. Aku sik dapat tolerate bila kita molah program and kita nanyak ngan kekawan samada dapat dating sik , semua merik jawapan Insya Allah. Apa yang dapat aku buat dengan ya. Aku mauk molah confirmation pun sik dapat , mok plan ya sik dapat, merancang ya sik dapat, semua sik dapat. Urang ilek2 jak makei Insya Allah. Salah guna sekali jak….Aku bukan nok komen apa lah k ..but dari pemerhatian aku , bila merujukk ke mengatur pertemuan, meeting, reuinion, apa saja jak lah…ayat2 macam ya bukan yang aku expect dari kawan2. Susah mauk ngator plan macam ya…Aku dapat nanggar mostly kawan2 aku yang kerja government paling susah nok menepati masa. Sebelum aku di attach di Jabatan Kerajaan tok aku makei jadual company tapi bila aku ngembak kebiasaan aku dalam ngatur time di kompeni ke jabatan kerajaan sungguh berbeza. Bagi aku bila kita molah janji bertemu pukol lapan, pukol 8 lah bertemu and jangan pukol lapan baruk turun dari rumah,Arghhhhhhhhhhh aku tensen ….Dah lah sik ada courtesy nok madah nya datang kah sik. Mun sik di tanyak , kita sik akan tauk nya mok datang sik arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……bengangnya aku.
Jangan jadi manusia ya berlagak alim sedangkan sik dapat molah keputusan. Jadilah manusia yang kuat dengan membuat keputusan…ianya sungguh mudah ajak yes or no/ya atau tidak senang ajak ……arghhhhhhh aku bengang

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I will be having a very full schedule next week. Lot of things need to do. Start with the new system, then the e-government promotion which will surely occupied my time. Kind a bit anxious waiting for all the activities to start and that mean travelling, travelling...travelling hehehehe. Beside that there will be not much to say or write. Just running out of ideas actually. Maybe after tonight meeting with my old schoolmates will give me a lot of idea. We will have another reunion in conjunction of Azrina’s arrival .Most of us haven’t met her for 16 years as she follow her husband to west Malaysia. Again I believe a lot of old stories, flashback will come up. Since most of our classmates are in Kuching, I really hope that they can come. I do not know with these guys, it just a gathering but what I can feel is that most of my classmates are not willing to see each other. A very big question in my mind what ever happen to them. Each time I call them, they said they are so busy or got some other thing to do. It is not that I’m not telling them in advance. In order for them to put aside any other activity aside for this meeting. It just that I can hope that tonight will be a good gathering with lot of fun.
It just that, I’m beginning to lose my patience and willingness just to keep them in touch with each other. Only few of them that really are good, sound eager to meet each other, for the rest of them especially the ladies, they are very reluctant.
Well..just go for it….

Simunjan Trip 2

The journey back to Kuching is a bit boring until we reach Batu 12. We saw a hand statue that really forces us to make a stop and take a few pictures. It is for a signage for the road users that there’s a food court around the area. I must say that they a bit creative in a term to attract the customer.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Simunjan trip

Finally I decided to go to Simunjan together with my in laws and family. Besides, I never have been to Simunjan before, so I was kind of eager to go. We departed at 7.30 am and the journey will take at least 2 and half hours before reaching Simunjan. For this trip, I will only be a passenger because my wife and sister in law decided they drove all the way. For the first hour of the journey I fell asleep with my daughter. I pity her because she had to wake up early. So when we reach Serian, I noticed there have been a lot of changes by the road side. A lot of development, new building and new houses. I used to drive from Kuching to Sri Aman back and forth. The view totally has changes.
So we reach Simunjan junction at 9.30 something and we still have another 55km to go. The road to Simunjan just like riding a roller costar. The bumpy rides really make me and Aleeya feeling dizzy and cost Aleeya to throw up. Kesian Aleeya…and kesian saya kena muntah. Well I’m not really interested to tell about the wedding ceremony but more likely to talk about Simunjan. I can say that Simunjan town is a very clean town. There not much of the activities at the town centre. We stop by at the one and only hotel in Simunjan, air conditioned hotel which only cost about RM55 per night. My wife uncle and his family together with my father-in-law stay there as they reach Simunjan a day earlier.

And one shop that really caught my attention, SALMAN KHAN Textile and carpet shop. Well I never thought that I’m going to meet Salman Khan in Simunjan hahahaha. The shop was owned by a Bangladesh who resides permanently in Simunjan. Quite a catchy name for a shop. I’m a bit frustrated with SImunjan as it was not as I’m expected. The weather is very hot which may be because of it location near the sea. Talk to one of the Kuching resident whose working there. According to her, the youth in Simunjan is very social, she often met them drinking beer openly near the Muslim cemetery and playing cards. Well it really surprises me. I was expecting that I can look for crab at the wet market but it really disappointed me as I need to go Sebuyau if I want to get some crab.Aku suka ketam..ketam makanan kegemaranku but this is the first part of my journey..more to come

Friday, March 13, 2009

My quest for the best mi kari in town never stops. After a while, I decided to makan mi kari this morning at koperkasa coffee shop. And wow, the taste of the mi kari today is wonderful, perfect…Layan beb.It topple the SCR mi kari to the second place. It has become my favorite mi kari. I really hope they can maintain the taste. I was informed that CafĂ© 75 also have the best taste of mi kari. I did try the Sitom Corner mi kari but not that good, it can even enter the list of my favorite mi kari.
Tomorrow, my schoolmate, Azrina Aziz will come to Kuching. It has been 16 years I haven’t met her. So I decide to arrange another small reunion for this occasion. So far my other classmates who reside in Kuching don’t have any problem with the small gathering. It just needs to confirm on which date we should meet. I’m glad that I can arrange this sort of gathering, it just the way that we can keep in touch since a lot of us have their own career and family now. This will be our second reunion in 3 months. I really can’t wait for this gathering.
I’m still undecided whether I want to go to Simunjan this weekend. There will a wedding ceremony need to be attended there. My wife relative. It’s nothing actually, but nowadays I just can’t stand to drive for a long journey. Not like last time as I use to drive from Kuching to Sri Aman. My back a bit killing me. Guess I need to make a very quick decision.
May be I will be home alone again this weekend who knows….

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sweet Memories.....

Rajak Lalat’s mother passed away last night. I was informed by my elder brother early in the morning. I decided to pay a visit as Rajak and I was a childhood friends. Our house is not far from each others. This gives me the opportunity to meet my childhood friends which I have not met for a very long time. Yet Angin, Hussein Belon, Aron Ondong, Man Cikuk, Pezal Otot, Piyet Angin, Buck, Yahya Sulong, Talib and Man Param just to name a few. Remembering these guys name make me smile because everybody have their own nickname. I can’t remember how each of us got their nick name. A lot to talk about, catching the latest news on everybody. Laughter all around the place. Old memories, happy memories of our childhood make us laughing out loud even Rajak can’t hold his laughter though it supposed to be a very sad moment for him. Unfortunately Jul, Peli, Abu, Ajis, Jep are not around for this small time reunion.
Each of us knows only this sort of time that we have the opportunity to see each other’s and some of us already move out from the Kampong itself. Seeing the next generation grew up make us realize how we have become older now. As mention Pezal Otot to me;” Adi, masa kita dah abis dah, kita dah semakin tua, semua sidak baru baru gik kinek tok di kampong”. I used to remember the kite season, fruit season, and gelang getah season and if after Raya, each of us will have a full stock of bottle cap as our game of Tongko. I’m not really sure whether kids nowadays knew this kind of game. The most I will remember is when it was the fruit season. I will be spending some time in the jungle climbing mangos teen trees, cempedak and others. We don’t even know what is internet, video games at this time. We just feel happy to be outside after school with friends. Then at 6 in the afternoon we go home, took our bath and then rushing to the mosque and playing along the road side while waiting for Isya.
Well, those were the days. I really treasure it as it was the most wonderful time of my childhood. If I can turn back time, maybe for once I just want to be kid again….

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It was such a wonderful weather yesterday afternoon. It’s not so hot, a bit windy and it just fine. So I decided to take my wife for a bike ride around Kuching and Petra Jaya area. We send Aleeya to her grandparent house. It has been a while that both of us haven’t gone for a ride. We use to do it every weekend but since Aleeya come around, we seldom have the chance to do it. So we decided to take this opportunity yesterday. We make a stop at Sumber Alam Sanctuary, where my sister in law bought her house. It was about 50% completed. I like this place because of it view. It a bit far from town but I guess it worth money buying. It has a small lake and near the mangrove reserve. Nice and quiet.

Then we headed for MASJA but didn’t enjoy much the view maybe because of a lot of teenagers around there displaying their stunts skill doing the wheelie and such. So we decided to go to the water front instead. It has been such a long time I didn’t go to the water front. It much different compare to the last time I been there. Less drunken youth and it is more peaceful than before. I also can see a lot a family spending their time at the water front, not only local but also tourist from West Malaysia’s .I must say that the police did a tremendous job in cleaning the water front from any vice activities. At least it’s not too late. We ate some kebab and sit around for half an hour. I really glad that I took this opportunity to spend some quality time with my wife. Seriously it has been a while we didn’t enjoy ourselves and hang out like this. I forgot to bring a long my camera to snap some picture so I use my phone camera instead to capture some moment to be remember. It make me realize how wonderful Kuching it was, such a quiet and clean town. Really hopes that it will stay like this for ever…..
Until the next ride...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

This is my favourite noodles. Mushroom noodle or Micen we call it. The stall located at Taman Sri Sarawak. It has been a while I didn’t eat this. Actually I was inmy quest for Mi Kari but due to level 50 of hungriness, I decided to eat this one instead. Yummy

Well it has been a very busy week for me this time with a lot of job need to complete. It has limited my time to update my blog even though I have a lot to write. I managed to complete my assignment within the time frame given which I’m so glad to finish it. At least since I move to the new department, the task really tested my credibility. Well, I’m expecting more tough challenge beside that.

And tomorrow is a public holiday. Hari Keputeraan Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w), so I will have another extra day to relax. It a little bored today and to kill some time, my wife and I decided to ronda-ronda at Spring shopping mall. Factory outlet store are on sales with such a great bargain, buy one free one. Well, that a sign for me to do some shopping. I bought myself 2 pairs of t-shirt. Then we had some ice cream at Dessert.
We met a bunch of Malaysian artist, Jehan Miskin, Deja Moss, Vince Chong’s sister which I can’t remember her name. They came there as a judge for some show which I don’t know what it is. I’m not letting the chance go away and took some pictures with them.
Tonight Aleeya will spend a night with her grandparents, that’s mean there will be some free time for my wife and I to lepak . We decided to spend some night out. It has been sometime that both of us didn’t go for a date. So, we decided to go for a date at Bing. Hmmmm…rasa time bujang lar pulak..but it feel good that we can spend some quality time together.
My plan for a holiday is not yet finalise. Still waiting for a person confirmation whether she can join us or not. I cant wait for my holiday as it has been a very long time I didn’t take my time off. Kuala Lumpur…here I come.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Meeting makan..

Attended a meeting this morning. The agenda was regarding the new system which will be launch on the 1st of April. Most of the time I just been a spectator on the discussion since only minor of the system were related to my work, the rest of it is for others and will only be discuss at the end of the session and due to that I have to sit there waiting for two and half hours. One thing that I really love when attending this sort of meeting is the food. Nice. As for the today meeting, egg sandwich, nasi pulut sambal and coconut jelly were served. Yummy. Such an appetizer. I can sit there doing nothing but enjoying the food. Frankly speaking, I’m not really enjoying myself each time I attended a meeting except for the makan time. If I just got lucky enough, I can request for s specific menu to be serve at the meeting but for this meeting, I’m totally forget about it.
Sitting there in the meeting room, it makes me realize how long I’ve been in the company when seeing all the familiar faces. It has been such a long journey for me to be at where I am today. Knowing some of my colleague come and go and how much I’ve change.
Damn it, sitting here with a full stomach really makes me emotional. It almost the time for Friday prayer now, got to make an excuse to leave the room. I guess I was meant to be there for the food only hehehehe…. Adios…

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I’m not really sure what I want to do today. Work as usual. But I can feel that something is really bugging me and I do know what it is. My heart keeps on pounding but still can’t figure out what am I looking for.
Last Saturday, I have a visit from my long lost relative, Abg Wahab from Daro.Which I have not known yet, talking about my late father. And heard few story that I haven’t’ heard before. It seems that my late father is keeping some secret. It really makes me curious and anxious. What is that all about? I can’t reveal it yet here but I promise to share what is the founding.
I’m planning to make a trip to Daro in the nearest time. I need to arrange on the transportation and accommodation. The best time to go is in March, school holidays. Seriously I want to dig out what is the actual story. Hamm…mysterious...sik lah semisteri nei…but at least it will keep me occupied. Ada pengembaraan…
Again I will lose another colleague, Azri, as he already accepted a job offered in the State Services. He will move out end of the month. For the next few months I will be sitting alone at this side of the office.
What else…a major concern for me at the time being is the political scenario in West Malaysia. “Tree Assemblymen “….sort off…no need for them to do it under a tree, Perak still have buildings over there, just rent it out .
I’m afraid that political scenario will widespread to Sarawak. I love the peace , quite and wonderful Sarawak…

Monday, March 2, 2009

Apa kejadahnyerrrrrrrrrr

Banyak perkara berlalu lately, things happen…Jumaat dolok, entah bini sapakah yang telepon ngan aku nanyak menar sik ada reunion untuk Amran corporate. Amran tok member lamak di ITM dolok . Nya madah nama nya Jun
Aku : Hallo
Jun : Sordi tok kah ?
Aku : Auk
Jun : Benarkah ada reunion pakei Amran ?
Aku: Auk
Jun: Sik bukan apa , kamek mauk ngecek ajak bah ..
Aku: Aih Sapa tok oh?
Jun: Sama belajar dolok eh ,ok lah

Terus nya letak telepon , Wow….Nor Pawi is my witness. By the way Nor Pawi is my colleague. A minute later, I received a sms saying “ Tahniah sim card anda telah menang RM17000 sila hubungi nombor 0178964201 untuk memungut hadiah”. I knew from the start that this was a prank. But I feel like to layan saja, so I give them a called, Orang Bangla jawab hahahahaha…Nor Pawi ketawa abis2 , tanyak nya nama aku, no telefon and then nya mengucap” Tahniah En Adi. No anda 012-******* telah memenangi wang tunai RM 17000. So I asked him how am I going to collect the money? He said u need to give me your full name, your account number . That’s it.So when I ask them to write me a cheque, the cut off the line …..

Perjalananku ke Pulau Pinang

Assalamualaikum… salam sejahtera. Apa khabar semua? Semalam baru jer keputusan SPM keluar, tahniah kepada yang dapat keputusan cemerlang, ya...