Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Asal usul nama Sarawak

Aku selalu terfikir asal usul nama aku pun molah sikit research lah..And aku terjumpa sigek buku , bertajuk "Old Kuching" cetakan edisi kedua oleh Alice Yen Ho.
It such a small book but with a very interesting content, a lot of information mengenai Sarawak. And also have an old picture of Kuching at the time of the white rajah.
From this book, persoalan aku mengenai asal usul nama Sarawak akhirnya terjawab.
Sarawak in the yearly year, kaya dengan this mineral called antimoni, which people in Brunei at the time being to use as a make-up, in Indonesia they use it as some sort of colouring material for their cloths and to make bullet.Local people call it Cerava, but it was a name that was used by the local Malay people in the land of the hornbill at that period, call it as 'serawak', and it was believed from here where the name Sarawak came from..

Aku belum agik abis baca buku tok, a very interesting book. Harap2 aku ada ada more intersting thing yang aku boleh kongsi sama,


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