Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aku terlampau sibok ngan kerja...so aku sik dapat byk update ...hmmmm....aduh heh

Friday, August 7, 2009

LO for MMRR 218...

Time tok tengah semangat nok mula kerja....

Majlis Mesyuarat Raja-Raja yang baruk abis tok give me a lot of new memory & experience. I would never think that I will involve directly taking charge for the Agong’s kids. It was such an honor. Getting so close with the royal kids was an owe some experience. Such a down to earth person for all of them, 2 girls and 2 boys. The second one is the Pemangku Sultan Terengganu.
Berbeza dengan kerja LO yang lain, our group mostly involve in outdoor activities. Hari pertama, Sarawak Cultural Village, it was fun. Sesekali you pun enjoy juak kenak vvip treat from the SCV. Second day, camp permai. That was too an owe some experience. Sik sangka pulak aku akan dapat peluang untuk melihat dolphin. The royalist semua pegi kayaking together with YB Larry Sng as our group leader. YB Larry was such a good guy. I can say that he was a cool person. After lunch, they continue with their activities going boating. The third day, we going into two split group, the eldest & the no 2 were going to the Bako National Park, while the 3rd & the youngest are going to boat ride and snorkeling at Pulau Satang. I’m going to Pulau Satang. There I have the opportunity to know the history of Pulau Satang. Aku sik pulak tauk yang Pulau Satang adalah pulau persendirian. Masa zaman Charles Vyner, pulau Satang pakei sidak nya engkah pesakit kusta. Hmmmm a bit scary juak nengar cerita ya. The other group which going to the Bako National Park is having more fun that my group. They went on jungle tracking and play some games.I have the chance to meet Nawal , the royalist governor. Such a nice person.
Seriously aku pun sik dapat nak nyusun ayat2 to explain my 4 days experience. What I can say is, aku sik akan dapat lupak pengalaman ya for the rest of my life.
On the last day, YB Larry belanja makan lunch kat Hilton, and malam nya pulak our boss Mr William pulak belanja makan seafood rah top spot as token of appreciation .

Burrppppp…kenyang wooo

Urang putih tok style ada jak janggutnya ..........and nya sik da kaitan ngan MMRR ...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Since Friday, aku berkampong di Normah...anakku kenak food poisoning but according to the doctor it was viral infections. Kesian aku tengoknya...so weak..sik makan..sik minum...lemah rasa nyawa...hopefully by Monday she will be fine. She's my angel...lepas sembahyang aku gerenti akan doa nya sak cepat sembuh..