Monday, April 13, 2009

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I just wondering, what are my ex.’s doing nowadays? It seems just to pop out in my mind. I mention it to my wife, that how I’m wonder how are my ex. are doing now. It is not that I want to make my wife feel jealous or what, or I thinking about other women. But it just being that curiosity of how are they doing now? How many kids they have now? I knew the latest update of few of them.
Looking back in time, I realize that I had a few serious relationships with few girls …hahahaha. Not that I’m a playboy. It just that what we called, cinta monyet masa sekolah. In secondary, if I’m not mistaken I had 3 which I can consider serious relationships. I knew one of them already married and have 4 kids. Wow...seems that very productive lady. The other two, I really wonder what they are doing now. I guess I just mention their name. Who knows may be someone who read my blog knew them. I knew one of them Noorazizah Noorkiah migrates to Johor while we were in form 3. The last address that I knew, they stay at Taman Kempas. The other one is Siti Nurahimah. I can’t remember her father’s name.



Now I’m happily married with a daughter, 2 years old of age. Within 2 weeks time, it will be my 6th anniversary. I don’t have any plan yet what to do and what to give to my wife. Need to think quickly as time getting nearer. My wife always complaint that I’m not a romantic person. To be honest, I did try my best to be as romantic as she want me to be, but guess what happened, she laughed out until she couldn’t breathe. Well, for me that’s it. I don’t even dare to try it one more time. It just my nature, I can’t be romantic but I can be a very funny guy.
Then looking forward for another celebration I guess….

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