Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I will be having a very full schedule next week. Lot of things need to do. Start with the new system, then the e-government promotion which will surely occupied my time. Kind a bit anxious waiting for all the activities to start and that mean travelling, travelling...travelling hehehehe. Beside that there will be not much to say or write. Just running out of ideas actually. Maybe after tonight meeting with my old schoolmates will give me a lot of idea. We will have another reunion in conjunction of Azrina’s arrival .Most of us haven’t met her for 16 years as she follow her husband to west Malaysia. Again I believe a lot of old stories, flashback will come up. Since most of our classmates are in Kuching, I really hope that they can come. I do not know with these guys, it just a gathering but what I can feel is that most of my classmates are not willing to see each other. A very big question in my mind what ever happen to them. Each time I call them, they said they are so busy or got some other thing to do. It is not that I’m not telling them in advance. In order for them to put aside any other activity aside for this meeting. It just that I can hope that tonight will be a good gathering with lot of fun.
It just that, I’m beginning to lose my patience and willingness just to keep them in touch with each other. Only few of them that really are good, sound eager to meet each other, for the rest of them especially the ladies, they are very reluctant.
Well..just go for it….

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