Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine day & where goes the family value....

Oh my sleepy I am right now. This is due to the effect of the pills that I taken earlier. It a powerful one. Alhamdulillah, the pain now reducing. The doctor can’t confirm yet, what is wrong with me or my ankle, until the result of my blood test is ready. My wife has been a loyal companion for me yesterday, accompany me. I do the x-ray yesterday and seem that my bone is at the correct place. No dislocated or else. I also would like to thank my wife for accompany me from start till finish. I really appreciate her present.

I wondering what happen to family value nowadays? How come people can be so cruel even with their own flesh & blood? I read Borneo Post yesterday and I report that really caught my attention. It was reported that a father and his three sons are caught for raping their younger sister for about six years already. That was since the girl was 12 years old. I can’t imagine the ordeal the young lady gone thru. How could a father can do this to his own daughter? The daughter he was supposed to protect. Also how her three brothers .F**k them. The young girl father is a civil servant, and his three sons are doing odds job. I just can’t believe that thing can happen here. Now all of them have been detained and the young girl is now in the Department of Welfare custody. The case now is under investigation. There is a Malay saying”Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga”.

The other thing that caught my attention was the statement made by the Assistant Minister’s Department for Islamic Affair, Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman regarding the Valentine Day’s Celebration.”Celebrate Valentine’s Day but don’t go overboard”. What on earth is this? I do not know whether his statement is wrongly report or what. Thing that puzzle me, the Mufti & Ulama already make the ruling or fatwa that Valentine Day is Haram for us Muslims to celebrate. How come he, as the minister for Islamic Affair can issue a statement like that? How come he can “loose” out the fatwa that been declared as haram. What haram is Haram. You cant say you cant celebrate it by don’t go overboard. Report like this can misjudge the young people especially Muslims teenager. I really hope that he can be more sensitive before giving any statement to the press.

My advice for Muslims, you do not need to wait for 14 of February to express your love in fact Gods give us 365 days to do that.

It is not my nature to judge people but nowadays what I can see is, most of our politicians are giving statement first without thinking the consequences.

Arghhhhhh…I guess I better to go to sleep now.


Ms Tikot's said...

1st Story Bapak & anak2 ya nang crazy lah... Anak ompuan dirikpun nak dituttt juak. Ya memang binatanglah.

2nd story valentine ya, kali org tua ya x paham halal & haram agik kali. Main sembat jaknya ya.

Uncle Seven said...

Yalah kesian benar nengar kes miak ya..sampei ati benar juak molah camya ngan adik dirikpun

Aku nang heran benar ngan YB ya, either nya just being ignorance or apa

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