Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pink Kare

I always think, what’s up with the colour pink. It seem somebody has set up a mind set that pink are girls colour. That what I have been thinking before also. Until I bought myself a pink colour shirt. Actually I surprise myself the time I bought it. A lot of questions are playing on my mind, Are you out of your mind? Will people laugh at me when I wear this pink shirt? And these entire questions trigger me out to try it. If people laugh at you, then next time don’t wear it again.
The judgement day was yesterday. It started at home, with my wife calling me pink panther and saying I have developed into this metro sexual guy thing. But I passed the first test flying colour. At work, it seem that nobody bother to say anything, that’s mean good. Maybe all of the questions earlier on are because of the mentality that has been embedded in my brain since I was young that pink is not for guy.
In fact, wearing pink I feel a bit creative hahahaha….The level of self confident a higher. That is what I’ve experienced. My next mission is to try something out of the box, a taboo for guys. But what ah? I love to do experiment. Just to kill the boredom.
For time being I’m alone at home, my wife got function to attend and my little daughter with her grandparents. With nothing much to do.
Tonight I’m feeling like to ronda-ronda dekat town. Want to see what is happening around town and might be pekena the tarik afterward at Satok with my wife and daughter. Tomorrow got a wedding ceremony to attend. Another busy weekend for me.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Selamat finally hari gaji hahahaha

Wahhhhh…everybody with big smiles today…The Big Q has been macam-macam lah planning hahaha. The pay + the B make everybody smiles. For me Alhamdulillah, rizqi...
After the guessing game, now everybody relieve, senang hati I guess. And we go to Spring Mall today to celebrate Dayang’s birthday at Manhattan, actually it was a double joy as Douglas is expecting his first child. I’m so happy for him. Food was great, even we are served with ice cream for free because celebrating Dayang’s birthday at Manhattan. Yummmmmmmy…..
Petang tok aku akan sik banyak mumbling kerana perut aku kenyang amat sangat…brppp….

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Apa..Gaji Lambat Lagik...Not Again...

Work has been keeping me away from updating my blog but I still want to curi ayam updating my blog.
For starter, something happened yesterday. It a sad story actually. She received one bad news and it makes me really sad when something likes that happen to your love one. I really wish that I can share her sadness by I couldn’t. I just wanna be there as her shoulder to cry on. Luckily, she’s a strong woman. Emi…if you read this, I’m proud of you.
And again, a hot topic at the office for time being,”Alamak, gaji lambat lagik bulan tok, mmmm...ada good news kah? Every body are hoping for the best this month around including me. Ms Tikot has become an unofficially banker today as she been harassed by sms to check it on line. Knowing this, it really tickle me as most of us are working in the IT related field by very few of us are having an online banking. Sucks and that include me.
While surfing the FB today, I met an old friend of mine which I has not met for years. We use to lepak at the KMC library in the younger years, I meant school days. We have a lot of fun together. She’s a mother of 3 now. Hmmm…very productive. It seems that both of us have a lot to talk about but it is impossible for us to go lepak since she works in KL. The day will come my friend...
I guess that’s it for now. Until the next chapter. see ya….adios...hasta la vista baybeh…

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Again, it is a race against time. Deadline is coming near, and I’m not really sure whether I can finish it on time this time. Since morning, I have been busy keying the data in to the new database that I’ve just created. Suddenly I feel that time is not on my side. I felt that time is ticking faster than usual as sedar tak sedar dah pukol 3.30 petang. My back hurt as sitting for hours. My ‘but pad’ become thinner and thinner hahahaha….not as cushion as I’m younger.
I contact a few of my friends today to promote thumb drive, as I’m selling thumb drive with a very attractive price. I’m selling 8 GB at RM35, 16 GB at RM 65, 128 GB at RM 330 and 200 GB at RM 420. My selling price is much lower than market price. If you thinking of genuinity, yes all the thumb drives are genuine with a valid serial number. The thumb drives consist of few brands such as Sony or Kingston. The 200 GB thumb drive is quite a new release and if I’m not mistaken it just started to enter Malaysian market. So if any of you need a thumb drive, you know where to get it…I guess Ms Tikot , Big Momma might be interested with the thumb drive .
A lot of things are happening around Kuching nowadays. As today, we heard the sad news as Sarawak lost one of their YB, Datu Dublin Untini due to stroke. Last Friday night while ‘ronda-ronda’ with my family, we saw an accident at the Petra Jaya roundabout, it was new Dmax with QAP plat license. The young man are running away from a roadblock at MASJA and been chase down by two police cars and ended up hitting a lamp post. And another policeman was hit by a motorcycle rider in his attempt to flee from the roadblock. The bad news was, he also intoxicated. This is only to name a few.
What else? Guess I need to drink my coffee a bit to freshen my eyes. A bit sleepy suddenly. I want to go to my ‘love nest’ a bit early tonight as I’m feeling so tired right now. My daughter for sure will follow me, ask me to read a book or 2 with her. I notice that she loves to read. Not only her kiddy book, but she also hentam my magazine. And I’m gaining some weight right now due to the medicine I took, manage to weight off few kilos and now gained extra more. I always said to people I met, when they saying”Wahh adi, gemok sekarang!’ I always said to them that now I’m a ‘penternak daging’ cause of that extra kilos and we laugh about it. And automatically they forget about how fat you are. But I always said to my wife . I’m not fat but a bit chubby.
GTG, it almost 5 now, it’s time to go home now …bye and ariosss or adios..which one is it ?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mi Kari...Kame Hame Haaaaaaaaaaaa...........

I’m one of the big fans of Mi Kari. Before my mother pass away, her mi kari recipe is one of the finest for me. Sedap wa cakap lu…Now that she’s gone, for almost 4 years now, I begin my quest for the best mi kari recipe in Kuching town.
My first choice is Singapore Chicken Rice, Mi Kari. One of the best, the taste, wow…berpeluh makan. For the price of RM 3.90, it is one of the cheapest mi kari I guess comparing with the ingredient 2 pieces of chicken, I potato, half boiled egg. This is my favorite mi kari in town for time being. Second best is Mi Kari at the Koperkasa Astana, it have almost the similar thing inside but at the price of RM4.50. In case, SCR are running out of their mi kari, this will be my second spot for me to fulfill my lust for mi kari. My third choice will be bi kari of Kaya & Toast, I try it once at Kaya & Toast Satok, well not bad at all but the serving size is a bit smaller than the rest of 2 places that I mention earlier and also a bit expensive at RM 5.90. Boleh lagik layan. So if any one of the reader out there know, or heard of even test a good mi kari in town, just name the location, the shop name and I will go for the food search but as long as it halal.

Dragonball, I have been waiting this movie since I heard the news that they are making it last year. The most anticipated movie of the year by all Goku’s fan. A lot of question in my head right now, if Goku will be as funny as his character in the book? By the way I have the full collection of Dragon Ball books. I can’t see any Kurin inside there, and I also not really sure whether Chow Yuen Fatt can act as Roshi or Cikgu Muten. Beside Goku, those two also have a funny character.
Ada kerja nak polah dolok…I guess have to go for a while until the next update …ariossssssssssor adiossssssssssss

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sebulan dah berlalu...

Pejam celik pejam celik rupa-rupanya minggu depan akan genap sebulan aku dah berblog….wah sik sangka eh…So sempena dengan ya, aku nok berblog makei bahasa Melayu Sarawak kali tok. Ada juak urang yang komen akan angat2 taik ayam, sik da kerja lah, muang tebiatlah, dah sikda life agik dah , ih macam2 jak aku dengar tapi Alhmadulillah, menten beb.
So aku ingin mengucapkan terima kasih untuk biniku yang dah banyak merik sokongan moral support, Nya selalu baca update aku, and merik komen bila pulang ke rumah. Mem, mekasih bebanyak k.
Urang kedua yang aku mauk madah terima kasih adalah Big Momma.Banyak juak aku refer ngan nya pasal hal blog tok,macam nei nok molah ya, macam nei nok nambah tok and dengan steady juak nya pun merik nasihat free ajak. Mun ada masa kelak kue cia Big Momma makan tosei.
Ari tok tek,kes bapak and 3 anak nya yang merogol adik rempuan sidak, dah masok court untuk bicara. Yang aku bengang newspaper Borneo Post censored muka sidak indah, Chinese newspaper sik censored terus. Urang macam ya, mun di ekot rasa ati ya, mun nemu di pasar bauk ajak lah( ish macam kuat gilak ) tapi yalah geram rasa ati tok.
Bulan depan juak akan masok 6 bulan dah aku tukar seksyen. Tempat baru dengan suasana yang serba baru, kerja baru . Boleh dikatakan menarik kerja baru tok, tapi aku boleh dikatakan masih cuba nok menyesuaikandirik dengan environment baru tok. Peraturan opis gomen ada lain sikit compare ngan company. Work attitude pun berlainan. Susah aku mok explain takut aku akan mengecik ati urang kelak so bagus aku simpan untuk dirik pun. Aku harap dengan pertukaran suasana kerja tok juak , rezeki aku akan lebih murah.Akujuak masih utang sinopsis buku dengan One Other…hehehe embak ilek k.
Semoga blog aku tok akan berkembang dengan lebih maju jaya agik kelak dengan sokongan kawan2.
Yeeehhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa…..adios bebeh...

Gago, Grissom and Ghostly creature

Finally I got some free time to update my blog. I manage to settle one of my assignments but yet still have 2 more to go. The deadline is in March, so as I said, some breathing space and some free time to surf the net. It seems that a lot for me to chit chat here but don’t know whether I can share it all.
I have a very good conversation last Sunday between, me, my wife and my father in law. The conversation was regarding local language in Melayu Sarawak. I rather found it interesting. For example, some weird word that Malay are using, OMO, BEECHIN, SELUAR BIB ( jgn otak kuning k ), BELIANG, PAGU, LANG to name a few, as I’m sure there are a lot more out there. Do you know that the word OMO is actually a brand of one washing detergent which is quite popular a long time ago? Because of the popularity, even though your mother, your wife or husband bought a washing detergent Trojan, Breeze, they still call it OMO. For BEECHIN, it also a brand beside AJINOMOTO, but we Sarawakian use Beechin before Ajinomoto. And the popularity of this name still widely uses my housewife nowadays and the even call Ajinomoto as Beechin. And according to my father in law, the word SELUAR BIB actually came from the word BRIEF, I mean men’s brief. Pagu is an old word for rack, Lang is the other word for door. Do you know that Sarawak Malay people have the special word for pink, even Bahasa Malaysia doesn’t have it, KALAS. I guess if somebody has the initiative to compile all the word, I believe we can make it as book for our future generation viewing.
CSI Vegas new season started last night. Warrick Brown dead and for the first time Grissom crying in this series. Nick almost shoots the deputy sheriff who shot Warrick. A season of change they name it and can’t even wait this most anticipated season as I believe this is the season where Grissom will quit as the Vegas CSI chief. I guess this series will never be the same without Grissom. I love his character. One of a kind. Even Horatio (CSI Miami) or Greg (CSI New York) can be compare to Grissom.
I’m still waiting for my blood test result. Still suffering with my movement. The swollen has gone but the pain is still there, All my medicine almost finish now. An old man which I met yesterday, asking me what wrong with my ankle and I said don’t know, so he decided to some shaman work on my ankle, Malay called it ‘menenong’. Surprisingly he said to me that it was cause by an unseen creature. Puzzle? Malay said it ‘makhluk halus’. He said it the people who place the ‘thing’ are aiming for somebody else but unfortunately I step on it first. I can say it as a misfiring …..He suggested that I try a traditional way to cure it and promise me to look for a shaman who is capable to cure it. What can I say? Well just try my luck and hopefully my ankle will cure. Hopefully.
And this weekend will be a very weekend for me. Makan hol for my late mother, my nephew birthday party, a wedding to attend, and also a dinner at Buntal celebrating my father in law birthday.
I guess that’s it for now and Al-Fatihah for my late mother….

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine day & where goes the family value....

Oh my sleepy I am right now. This is due to the effect of the pills that I taken earlier. It a powerful one. Alhamdulillah, the pain now reducing. The doctor can’t confirm yet, what is wrong with me or my ankle, until the result of my blood test is ready. My wife has been a loyal companion for me yesterday, accompany me. I do the x-ray yesterday and seem that my bone is at the correct place. No dislocated or else. I also would like to thank my wife for accompany me from start till finish. I really appreciate her present.

I wondering what happen to family value nowadays? How come people can be so cruel even with their own flesh & blood? I read Borneo Post yesterday and I report that really caught my attention. It was reported that a father and his three sons are caught for raping their younger sister for about six years already. That was since the girl was 12 years old. I can’t imagine the ordeal the young lady gone thru. How could a father can do this to his own daughter? The daughter he was supposed to protect. Also how her three brothers .F**k them. The young girl father is a civil servant, and his three sons are doing odds job. I just can’t believe that thing can happen here. Now all of them have been detained and the young girl is now in the Department of Welfare custody. The case now is under investigation. There is a Malay saying”Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga”.

The other thing that caught my attention was the statement made by the Assistant Minister’s Department for Islamic Affair, Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman regarding the Valentine Day’s Celebration.”Celebrate Valentine’s Day but don’t go overboard”. What on earth is this? I do not know whether his statement is wrongly report or what. Thing that puzzle me, the Mufti & Ulama already make the ruling or fatwa that Valentine Day is Haram for us Muslims to celebrate. How come he, as the minister for Islamic Affair can issue a statement like that? How come he can “loose” out the fatwa that been declared as haram. What haram is Haram. You cant say you cant celebrate it by don’t go overboard. Report like this can misjudge the young people especially Muslims teenager. I really hope that he can be more sensitive before giving any statement to the press.

My advice for Muslims, you do not need to wait for 14 of February to express your love in fact Gods give us 365 days to do that.

It is not my nature to judge people but nowadays what I can see is, most of our politicians are giving statement first without thinking the consequences.

Arghhhhhh…I guess I better to go to sleep now.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Google & the yellow Mini Austin...

After buzzing my head with so many questions and endless pain on what when wrong with my ankle. I finally decided to google it on the internet. Finally I found a few explanations on what is happening. Traumatic injury, gout, ankle arthritis, infection, vascular obstruction, peripheral edema are among listed.
So I read thru one by one. The first thing that I check is gout, because I have the history with this one. I found that my sickness doesn’t tally at all with gout symptom. A bit relief, so if anybody says that it was gout, well I guess they got that wrong already.
The most similar explanation with the pain that I have right now is Ankle arthritis. It explains that Ankle arthritis is much less common than degenerative changes in other joints. However, ankle arthritis can occur and can be quite painful. Ankle arthritis is most common in patients with rheumatoid arthritis or in patients with a previous injury to the ankle joint. Now I’m quite sure that it was cause by an old injury. Now I remember that once I did have a very bad ankle injury while I’m playing basketball. It happened during an afternoon game few years back when I stepped on somebody leg which cause my ankle to sprain in a very bad way. Within minutes my ankle became bigger as my thigh. Is it painful? Yes it was. I suffered it for a month and can’t play basketball for about a year. Now I really believe this is the cause of my swollen ankle now. I follow a few advice prompt me to go for an x-ray & scan, so I decided to do it tomorrow. Wish me luck. Hope no bad news.
It seem that I will be quite occupied this few weeks, so my promise to One Other on the book ‘Old Kuching’ synopsis have to be postpone. Big Momma also mentions something regarding the ‘dislocated’ car tire which happened to my cousin and me few years ago. Damn...It was one funny incident. It was Hari Raya, I think about 8 to 9 years ago. As usual, the first day of raya, we will visit all our relatives. Then, my cousin, Repi asked Zul and myself to visit my uncle’s house together. Repi just bought this one rugged Mini Austin with metallic yellow, sporty exhaust and sport rims. So, Zul and I said ok. After a few minutes, we reached the RPR Surau. Then suddenly it happened. The Austin suddenly jolted and stops. As Repi, Zul and I try to figure out what just happened; suddenly we saw the back tire of the Austin flung right in front of us. “Oi tayar belakang motor tanggal oi “scream Zul. Arghhhhhhhhh what a shame. With the people standing at the bus stop and by stander laughing out loud at us, we could only managed to sit inside the car with our faces start to change color to red. Hahahaha...Malulah ya. For a moment we just don’t have any guts to go and pick up the tire which fell in front of the surau about 10 to 15 meters away.
Everybody is just can’t stop laughing and because of the noise, it also attracted the attention of the people staying nearby to go out. Well you guess what; they also can’t help themselves not to laugh. Wow what a hari raya it was.
Mr. Fleece, if you read this, you know what I’m saying here hahahaha…
Actually, I think I have a lot of funny things which happen to me and I promise I will share it to you guys.
As for now…byeeeeee………..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Apasal ye...

Until today I Just couldn’t figure out what is wrong with my ankle. It makes me difficult to move around with this swollen ankle. I have taken my medicine, but it turn out to become even worse. It seems that my ankle jam can’t move backward, or move it to left or right. It seems that my ankle just injure itself without any reason. Might be an old injury during my younger year according to my wife. If it true, then I have to live with it. During my active days, I got a lot of injuries, but I never go for right treatment or maybe it is a sign that I’m become older now. I’m not even involved in any sport activities or do any extreme movement.

Speaking of sport, it has been a while now that I didn’t involve in any kind of sport activities. What happen? I used to be a very active person. Basketball, football and futsal, these are the games that I used to play. Basketball is my sport. I used to play the game at the basketball court behind Wisma Bapa Malaysia. Unofficially, it has become a meeting point for most of bumiputera players from Petra Jaya area. In fact we even form a basketball team and named it Nameck Boys. We joined the Kuching Basketball Non-Chinese tournament in 1997 and become champions. We ousted the favorite team which has held the title for few years. Nowadays, the court has been demolished to give way to the construction of the new DUN. Most of the players lost their interest in the game due to lack of basketball court in PJ area. Most of the players scattered around Kuching town & Petra Jaya, and some even change their game to futsal.What a pity. I even wrote a letter to Ministry of Social & Urbanisasi requesting a basketball court to be built in Petra Jaya, don’t know what happen with it as no reply from the ministry.

I also don’t know what happen to my office football team. No game at all for the last one and a half years. Usually our game coordinator, Mr. Bartholomew will arrange a game every weekend. Or at least he will arrange an indoor game. In fact he even booked the futsal court, ABA indoor at Jln Matang every Wednesday night last year. But after Ramadhan and Hari Raya all stopped.
Maybe all of the player already hang their boots. In that case, it such a pity because I believe we have a good team. Well its history now. Now, I feel that my life is static. Nothing much happen. Except for my lovely wife and daughter. How much I miss the old days.
I’m supposed to upload this early in the morning but a bit occupied. I attended a meeting this morning about a new system that lasting for almost 4 hours. Wow. It was so tiring. But the refreshment menu is good, nasi lemak plus rendang. Yummy. I’m supposed to attend another one this afternoon, a demo for a new type of storage system but I change my mind. I can’t stand sitting for a very long time. I’m not use to it but slowly I will try to adapt to this situation as I believe there will be more to come….long and boring discussion.
I guess that’s it for now. I need to do my work now as I have been assign 2 task with a very minimal deadline. There goes my honeymoon….

Monday, February 9, 2009

Wrong number & arm pit hair........?????

I received a phone call last Saturday afternoon. No record in my phone for that particular number so I decided to return call. A young lady answered my call. So I asked her, whose on the line. Then she answer me by saying that I’m the one who gave her a miss call, I’m in the state of blur since that is the first time I hold my hand phone for that day. So I said to her then it’s okay, sorry for the trouble.
A moment later, I received a sms from the same number again asking who I am, she also mention that her name is Rose. What nonsense, so I just ignored the sms. Again I received another sms from the same number asking what I am doing at the moment. Again I decided to ignore the sms. I thought the lady gave up her effort already. Then I informed my wife what just happened. She laughed about it and saying maybe the lady was lonely and desperately looking for a companion. In the midst of our conversation, I received another sms from the same number again, this time a bit harsh, saying that I’m so arrogant. This lady is starting to get on my nerve, I decided to reply the sms, who is she and what she wants actually.
She replied me asking what I am doing and also asking can she get to know me better. Wow! That is the first word popping in my mind when I read her sms. It such a bold action from a woman/lady or girl I may assume. When I saw the sms to my wife, she put up a plan. Just go ahead with it and ask the lady to go out for a date, but when the time comes, she will accompany me. I agree with my wife first but I said to her it not nice to treat people like that, so my wife decided to reply the lady sms, saying that I’m somebody husband and asking are you that desperate. For a while we wait for the reply, but nothing. I guess the lady gave up. Well at least those incident just lights a boring afternoon. I gave the lady phone number to my colleague this morning and ask him to try his luck.
And last night, I watched this Channel V, America’s next top model. This program already entered cycle 10, and for this week challenge, there will be a photo shoot focusing on their face. So after makeup and touch up, the models are taken their picture. Well, it seems just a normal routine for the participants and then come the judgment part, and here something interesting happened.
So like usual, Tyra call each model to the front to comment on their picture. So come the turn of a model name Fatima. For the surprise, the judge didn’t comment of her photo, instead they are commenting on her arm pit. What!!!!!!!!”Model ada bulu ketiak?” I said. I couldn’t control myself and laugh until my tears come out. It was so hilarious. What s shame. All the judges said, the most important thing to be a model is cleanliness. And the razor only cost a dollar. So ladies out there, arm pit hair is a major “don’t” in fashion industries if you want to be a model. Hahahahahaha ……
Hmm…what else? I think that’s it for now. Got some work to do. Also need to visit big momma blog or better known as Momma belian-n-cengal to read her update. See ya again ….

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dinner, Lepak & Politic...

Last Friday night, I attended a farewell dinner for Winnie at The Elephant in conjunction of her transfer to Treasury. We were served with the western food i.e. lamb shank, beef steak, soup and some desert. I have a beef steak, well done, and the food is good. We start around 8 and finished around 9.30 if I’m not mistaken.
It was a short dinner I guess.
After dinner, I joined my wife and her two best friends, Nonie & Rose for a lepak session at Secret Recipe, Spring. They just came back from watching a movie at Star Cineplex, “Bride’s War”.
The lepak session seem to be a very interesting one. We talked about a lot of topics.
Among them are sleeping habits. Surprisingly most of us have their own sleeping habit. For me, I like to my ‘goyang kaki’ until I fall asleep. My wife, she likes to ‘smell’ a small pillow and Nonie like to rub her feet against the bed sheet. Rose has the same habit as Nonie, but claimed she cured a long time ago.

And yesterday, my wife got food poisoning. Pretty bad. She got stomach pain and middle of the night, she throw up about 3 times.
All the food she took earlier on was flush out. And to day, she keeps complaining all her body feeling sick all around and a dizzy head. Really hope that she will be in a better condition by tomorrow.

What else? Hmmmmm…….seem a lot I like to share here today but suddenly, got brain freeze. Just because I answer a phone call just now, all the idea is gone.

The political scenario in Perak also caught my attention; really hate to see what happen there in Malaysia. Really frustrating that this thing happen at the time Malaysia, world to be exact are facing economy crisis. Hope that for any reason, they can settle the matter thru a correct channel not by street demonstration. Well, it just my personal opinion.

Well, the conclusion that I get from last Friday night, it has been a very long long time I didn’t hang out at night. The night life in Kuching seems to be change already I guess. Guess I have change a lot then, I use to know where a good place to hang out, any latest entertainment centre, I will be among the first who know and guess that time is gone now….it looks like I can consider myself the last to know about anything new in Kuching now…

Ok that’s it for now. Until the next chapter…see ya….

Friday, February 6, 2009

Aleeya Birthday Party

This picture was taken on the 25th January, on Aleeya birthday party. Her birth date is actually on the 19th but since it was weekdays so we push forward the party on the 25th.My wife & I have planned this party for about a month ago. I’m so glad that it went very smoothly. The crowd was great. I’m so proud with my daughter, for becoming a very good host. She shakes hand with the entire guest without being asked to do so.
There was an incident which happened before she blew the birthday candle, she sneezed right in front of the cake, everybody laughing but with her “muka selamba” she smiles and continues to blow the candle. She has been practicing to blow the candle for about 2 weeks.
She even practiced to sing the birthday song by herself with the help of her mother & grandfather.
She also met new friends. Being the only child, sometimes I pity her because she doesn’t have any companion to play with. For this, even though I’m a bit tired coming back from work, I try to entertain & play with her.
At this age, her curiosity is in a high gear. A lot to ask and she seem to be interested in everything that I do, especially when I’m reading. She will sit on my lap, as if she was reading along with me. So cute…

Now she starts to talk. Even though I don’t really know what she was saying, but entertain her talking in “German” is so funny. Sometimes she even just says “kepak..kepuk…kepak ..kepuk “the whole time.
How much my life has change since her present. I want to be a better man, a great father & husband to her & my wife. They are the jewels of my life. [Damn…bit emotional here….]
For every gift, on Aleeya behalf, I would like to say thank you very much. Thank you for attendance, really appreciate it…

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Songehan aku

Aku hampir habis membaca buku pasal Kuching. Seriously, the content of this book is very good. Aku boleh cadangkan buku ini untuk di jadikan bahan bacaan, especially for those who are interested in Kuching history.
There are few facts in the book that really caught my intention. First of all, I did wonder where the name Pangkalan Sapi came from. It was stated here in the book on page 29; the name came from as a reminder that there were used to be a farm, a private dairy farm called Astana Farm which supplied the European officers and civilians as it was quoted in the book, fresh milks. And occasionally it supplied the European & the Muslims beef from old or indisposed cattle. Pangkalan Sapi was actually the cattle’s watering spot where nowadays the tambang load and unload their fares.
Another one that really caught my attentions was the origin of the Malays elite. Before this I never knew that Merpati Jepang was actually a name of the son of Datu Merpati, whom married to the eldest daughter of Raja Jarom of Johore, Datu Permaisuri. Merpati Jepang then married to Dayang Murdiah, and all the datu had claimed that they were from Merpati Jepang lineage regal geneology. Surprised surprised.
The name of the kampong such as Kampong Gersik, Kampong Surubaya and Kampong Boyan were named after their places of origin or their leaders.
Minta maaf sekiranya aku menggunakan bahasa rojak English and Bahasa. Bukannya apa, Cuma rasa lebih selesa. Ada juga beberapa frasa ayat orang Melayu Sarawak yang aku dapat cungkil asal-usul sebutannya. Sebagai contoh, masa aku kecik2 dahulu , aku selalu terdengar ibu atau bapaku menyebut orang pereman. Dan dari buku ini , aku menemui maksud istilah tersebut. Orang Pereman atau pun sebutan yang sebetulnya adalah ‘The FreeMan’, merujuk kepada orang temapatan yang telah dibebaskan oleh Rajah Brooke dari menjadi hamba.
So aku rasa, disebabkan oleh sebutan orang tempatan yang mungkin tidak mahir berbahasa English pada masa itu telah menjadikan nya berbunyi sedemikian. Mungkin Rajah Brooke pada masa membebaskan mereka menyebut kepada mereka,”You are a freeman”, tetapi disebablan sebutan dan penerimaan yang salah barangkali, mereka mengatakan , “ Rajah memanggil aku dengan “pereman”(freeman)”. Dan mereka pun menguarkan kepada orang lain bahawa Rajah telah memberi gelaran pada mereka “orang Pereman”. Aku rasa lah ……..

Kalau dapat aku mauk ceritakan semua isi kandungan buku dalam ini, tapi bagus kalau anda sendiri membacanya….

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Asal usul nama Sarawak

Aku selalu terfikir asal usul nama aku pun molah sikit research lah..And aku terjumpa sigek buku , bertajuk "Old Kuching" cetakan edisi kedua oleh Alice Yen Ho.
It such a small book but with a very interesting content, a lot of information mengenai Sarawak. And also have an old picture of Kuching at the time of the white rajah.
From this book, persoalan aku mengenai asal usul nama Sarawak akhirnya terjawab.
Sarawak in the yearly year, kaya dengan this mineral called antimoni, which people in Brunei at the time being to use as a make-up, in Indonesia they use it as some sort of colouring material for their cloths and to make bullet.Local people call it Cerava, but it was a name that was used by the local Malay people in the land of the hornbill at that period, call it as 'serawak', and it was believed from here where the name Sarawak came from..

Aku belum agik abis baca buku tok, a very interesting book. Harap2 aku ada ada more intersting thing yang aku boleh kongsi sama,


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February…birthday celebrations months….

Three days after I celebrated my birthday, now it is my wife turn to celebrate hers. Happy birthday to my lovely wife, hope everything to come will bring joy & happiness to both of us.
I gave her a perfume as her birthday gift this year. This is the first time I gave her a perfume since I met her 12 years ago. Hope she really appreciate it.
And talking about birthday, today also the birthday of my ex boss. So, I send him a sms this morning and thanks me for that with a question, “How do you guys know it was my birthday today, do you guys have a reminder system or something?”
Daaaaaaaaaa….well, it is not purposely I want to remember his birthday but coincidence it was on the same date as my wife. So every time I celebrate my wife birthday, I will remember him…
Guess that all for today….

Monday, February 2, 2009

Itu aku.........

Akhirnya aku berjaya membuat first posting untuk blog aku. Dah lama dah aku nak buat blog nie adn today on this historic date, finally aku berjaya. Alhamdulillah. Maybe ada yang mungkin tertanya2, kenapa blog aku dengan title nie..
Untuk dijadikan cerita, for the last 34 years aku fikirkan namaku tak mempunyai maksud or just a spell error oleh Pejabat Pendaftaran...then last year aku join this guy, Stefano Sordi suddenly invite me to join this Group"Sordi's Family".
Tanpa teragak2 aku pun joinlah, then there go the rest...all the members all italian except for from there i get this idea for my blog name...bukan mauk menunjuk2 or perasan..well feel a bit honor to have that name and i'm the only member from Asean region ...

Perjalananku ke Pulau Pinang

Assalamualaikum… salam sejahtera. Apa khabar semua? Semalam baru jer keputusan SPM keluar, tahniah kepada yang dapat keputusan cemerlang, ya...